Turkey Season Recap 2016

Eastern Colorado Turkey Hunting 2016

A big part of “Hunt It All” is documenting personal successes and failures in the field. With Turkey season over in Colorado, I thought I would recap my season. There were many successes and failures this year in the turkey woods both east and west, it was a very strange season for me. Colorado turkey season 2016 started out on the eastern plains,

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Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting- Colorado 2016

The waterfowl have long since moved north. Turkey season is all but over. Now the long wait for archery deer/elk begins. Although a good set of boots, some optics and a backpack help, you don’t need any specialized gear, or even a weapon on this hunt. What you do need is a little patience and determination. I am talking about shed

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About Me

My name is Mark Johnson, I am a 32 year old avid outdoorsman who grew up loving nature, animals and being in the outdoors. I have always loved camping and fishing but it wasn’t until I was 24 that I was exposed to hunting. Right from the jump I knew this was something I was meant to do. I love everything about hunting

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About The Site

Hunt It All was created as a place to network and learn. In the hunting world, connections are everything. Some of my best friends and hunting buddies, are guys I have connected with through pages similar to this. I have bought some of my favorite gear based on reviews written by people I know put it to the test. Knowledge

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Why We Hunt

It’s hard to describe the feeling to someone who hasn’t experienced it. That moment when you know you’ve done it. That moment when everything lines up and falls into place. The countless hours practicing with your weapon, late nights game planning strategy and pouring over pack lists, physical preparation in the mountains and in the gym, monetary investments in tags

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